​​Sara Keshmiri

 I R A N I A N   C O N T E M P O R A R Y   V I S U A L    A R T I S T

In encountering any phenomenon and idea, there is always a fear of facing oneself. Fear of facing the self, that social norms and routines of our modern lives, have made her / him fell lonely and  disappointed and even pudhed to the inside.
An indivisual outside of the comfort of its inner circle ( the inside), is full of fear. A fear that she / he constantly runs away from or at times deals with. This gives birth to a presence full of mystries and unknowns sometimes by forc, this self can leave this inner comfortzone, look around, and see the drops of light falling from the window on her / him hands. this is when one realizes the way out of these fears is through their hands.