​​Sara Keshmiri

 I R A N I A N   C O N T E M P O R A R Y   V I S U A L    A R T I S T


Sara Keshmiri

is an Iranian contemporary visual artist (Graphic designer, Painter,Sculptor)
​​​​​​​ was born on august 30, 1981 living and working in Tehran, Iran.

[ E D U C A T I O N ]


Graduated in Graphic Art University (Karaj Art University)
Graduated from Art school in Graphic (17 shahrivar)

[ S O L O  E X H I B I T I O N S ]

Seyhoon Art Gallery,Tehran, Iran.

Jaleh Art Gallery,Tehran, Iran.
Atbin Art Gallery
,Tehran, Iran.

[ G R O U P  A N D  J O I N T  E X H I B I T I O N S ]

Negar Art Gallergy,Tehran, Iran.
Carbafoo Festival,Tehran, Iran.
Art Land Art Gallergy,Tehran, Iran.

seyhoon Art Gallergy, second exhibition,Tehran, Iran.
seyhoon Art Gallery, first exhibition,Tehran, Iran.

Art land
,Tehran, Iran.
Baam Art Gallery,Tehran, Iran.

Dastan Art Gallery,Tehran, Iran.
Jaleh Art Gallery, second exhibition,Tehran, Iran.
3Platform,Tehran, Iran.
Jaleh Art Gallery, first ehxibition,Tehran, Iran.
Idea Art Gallery,Tehran, Iran.
Aknoon Art Gallery,Tehran, Iran.
Mah e Mehr Art Gallery,Tehran, Iran.

It is the work itself that has opened the field from which it appears in another day, it is the work itself that metamorphoses and becomes the continuation, the interminable reinterpretations to which it is legitimately susceptible change it only in itself."

Merleau-Ponty, “L’Oeil et l’Esprit”